Alabama Insurance Coverage DisputesBradford Ladner LLP Can Help You Resolve Alabama Insurance Coverage Disputes

Alabama insurance coverage disputes are not uncommon given today’s economy. Whether it is an automobile insurance policy, a disability policy, a health insurance policy or a homeowners policy, the basic agreement is a contract between you and the insurance company.  You have paid your premiums and when you have an unexpected claim, you expect your insurance company to live up to their end of the bargain.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies decline claims routinely where there is the slightest hint that some exclusion may apply. Many times, however, the exclusion is interpreted very broadly by the insurance company. Upon closer examination, the insurance policy covers the claim and the loss.  Whether it is done on purpose or simply because the insurance company fails to adequately investigate your claim, you may need the help of a qualified Alabama insurance coverage lawyer.

During his legal career, William K. Bradford has had years of experience handling Alabama insurance coverage disputes.  Prior to going into a solo private practice, Bradford represented numerous insurance companies which depended on his legal expertise to advise them whether their insurance policies covered claimed losses.  Getting to the right answer required exhaustive legal research and legal reasoning.  Bradford now uses these skills and his in depth experience helping you, the policyholder, by representing them in claims against insurance companies who refuse to pay their claims.

When facing an Alabama insurance coverage dispute, the insurance policyholder is well advised to seek the assistance of an Alabama insurance coverage lawyer who can examine the facts of the loss and the language of the insurance policy and determine if the loss is covered. Many time all it takes is a call or letter from a qualified attorney to straighten the claim out and get it paid. Sometimes, however, the only way to have the claim handled properly and to get payment for the loss is to take the insurance company to court by filing a breach of contract lawsuit. In a breach of contract lawsuit based on an Alabama insurance coverage dispute, the insurance company can be forced to pay the claim.

Sometimes an Alabama insurance coverage dispute can involve what is called “bad faith” by the insurance company. Bad faith results when the insurance company refuses to cover a claim even though they know that the insurance policy covers the loss, that they should pay the claim, and that there is no legitimate reason not to pay the claim. Bad faith can also occur where an insurance company fails to do a proper investigation of the claim to determine if the claim should or should not be paid. In cases where bad faith is proven, it is possible that the insurance company not only must pay the amount of the claim, but pay damages over and above the amount of the claim, as a way of punishing the insurance company for failing to live up to its contract with the policyholder.

In recent cases handled by Bradford Ladner, LLP., our clients have recovered not only the amount of the insurance claim, but compensation over and above the insurance claim because of the insurance companies actions.  Each claim or case is unique and these results may not be typical.  However, we can review your case and advise you as to your options on getting your claim paid.

If your insurance company is refusing to pay your valid insurance claim, call Bradford Ladner LLP. We will be happy to meet with you and discuss how we can help you get your claim paid. Call us today.

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