Construction Workers and Contractors

Bradford Ladner Handles Alabama Construction Contract Disputes and Construction Liens

William K. Bradford at Bradford Ladner, LLP. is experienced in handling Alabama construction contract disputes and construction liens.  We provide legal representation for contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers from all over the country, ensuring that they are paid in full and on time on their Alabama construction projects.  We prepare preliminary notices, lien notices, file verified statements of lien, and perfect the lien by filing legal actions to enforce mechanics and materialmens liens.

Many construction projects can result in an Alabama construction contract dispute or a construction lien.  Alabama’s Lien Statute has strictly interpreted provisions that must be followed in order to properly file and perfect your lien.  If you follow the procedures set out in Alabama’s lien law, your payment will be secured by a lien on the owners property.  If you have provided services, labor or materials to a building project and have not been paid as agreed, you may file a lien to ensure that the owner of the property pays your outstanding bill or invoice. Unfortunately, if you miss a step or fail to follow the statute to the letter, your lien may be invalid and your rights will not be protected.

At Bradford Ladner, LLP we have been successfully handling hundreds of lien claims throughout Alabama as well as all manner of Alabama construction contract disputes.  Our lawyers know the law and can advise you as to the requirements to protect your interests by providing notice to the construction project owner and general contractor prior to your work, providing proper notice to the construction project owner after work has begun, filing lien statements of claim, and , if necessary, in pursuing the lien in court to get payment for your labor and materials.

William K. Bradford has worked for the past seven years as local Alabama counsel for Emalfarb, Swan & Bain, a leading construction law firm in Highland Park, Illinois, who acts as general counsel to National Lien and Bond Claim Systems.  National Lien and Bond Claim Systems provides nationwide lien services for some of the countries biggest construction, electrical and material supply firms.

Do not delay, contact us now, before you begin work, so that we can take the steps necessary to secure your rights to payment for your labor and materials. If you find yourself facing an Alabama construction contract dispute or you have a project where payments have stopped, call us and we can help secure your right to payment.