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Alabama Drug DistributionThe Alabama Drug Distribution Statute Covers Illegal Drug Sales and Distribution

The Alabama drug distribution statute is found that Alabama Code § 13 A – 12 – 211.  The Alabama drug distribution statute makes it unlawful for a person to sell, furnish, give away, deliver, or distribute a controlled substance.  A controlled substance is defined in the Alabama drug distribution statute is being any substance listed in the drug schedules I through V. The statute applies to illegal drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, or heroine, as well as legal drugs that require a prescription, but which are distributed unlawfully.  The Alabama drug distribution statute has been interpreted by the Alabama courts to  include almost any situation where a controlled substance is transacted. For instance, the Alabama courts have interpreted the term “furnish” to include using any means to supply a controlled substance, whether it’s by sale or merely given away.

Potential Sentence and Fine

A charge under the Alabama drug distribution statute is a Class B Felony.  A class B felony carries a sentence of not less than two years, but not more than 20 years, and a fine up to $30,000.00.

Sentence Enhancements Under the Alabama Drug Distribution Statute

Additionally, there are certain enhancements in the Alabama drug distribution statute. A sale or distribution of a drug to a minor carries a sentence of 10 years up to life, with a fine up to $60,000.00.  Additionally the Alabama drug distribution statute calls for an additional five year sentence for sales or distribution of drugs within 3 miles of the school or public housing project. The additional five-year sentence cannot be run concurrently with any underlying sentence for drug distribution.