The Alabama criminal defense lawyers at Bradford Ladner LLP have over 40 years of experience defending against Federal Criminal Charges.  Certain types of crimes can result in federal criminal charges which are prosecuted by the United States Department of Justice.  Examples of the types of cases that can result in a federal criminal charge are drug trafficking, drug distribution, firearms trafficking, internet hacking, money laundering, mail fraud, bank fraud, computer crimes, immigration offenses, firearm possession charges or criminal fraud.

These federal criminal charges are handled in a Federal District Court by a Federal District Judge.  Alabama has three federal districts:  Northern, Middle and Southern.  The U.S. attorney represents the United States in most federal criminal charges.

Federal criminal charges are serious matters, and can result in significant jail sentences, high fines, and forfeiture of property.  Federal Court is typically a more formal court setting, with rules of procedure strictly enforced.  Additionally, sentencing for federal criminal charges in federal court are directed by a complicated set of rules and regulations known as the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.  The Federal Sentencing Guidelines are put out by the United States Sentencing Commission.  The Guidelines involve a complicated process in which various factors are considered and calculated to determine a sentencing range.  In Federal Court the sentencing process is incredibly important, and if handled correctly can make the difference between lengthy incarceration and a sentence of home confinement or probation.

If you are facing federal criminal charges, you need a criminal defense attorney who is experience not only in criminal law, but in federal criminal cases, and you need to act fast.  Federal courts move quickly and cases can move from charges to trial in a matter of months.  Because of the complicated nature and potential consequences of federal criminal charges, many attorneys choose not to practice in federal criminal courts.  William Bradford and Amber Ladner of Bradford Ladner LLP are among those that regularly practice in the all Federal criminal courts in Alabama and nationwide.

We have successfully represented countless clients with federal criminal charges, guiding them from arrest, through arraignment, trial, and sentencing.  Because our practice takes us into Federal Courts throughout Alabama, we are familiar with the rules and procedures of Federal Courts, as well as the Judges and prosecutors.