Filing And Prosecuting An Alabama Criminal Case AppealAlabama Criminal Case Appeal

If you are convicted in an Alabama court, filing an Alabama criminal case appeal may be advised.  Even if convicted, all is not lost.  You may be able to obtain relief from the the conviction by filing an appeal.  If you are convicted in an Alabama circuit court in a criminal case, you have the right to appeal your conviction to the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals.  The Court of Criminal Appeals will review your case based on the papers filed in the case, the transcript of the hearing or trial, and the written briefs submitted by your attorney.

Appellate law is a particular field of legal work.  Many trial attorneys do not handle appeals.  Overall, it is advisable to obtain new counsel for an appeal.  This allows for fresh eyes to review your case.  An appellate attorney will review all of the papers filed in the case and the record or transcript of the case to determine is there is reversible error.  A reversible error is an error in the proceeding at the the trial court level that requires that court of appeals to take action by either reversing the conviction or remanding the case to the trial court for further information or action.

An experienced appellate attorney is trained in recognizing reversible error and in presenting your case to the appellate court through written briefs and oral argument before the five judge Court of Criminal Appeals.

Certain strict time limits apply to filing an appeal and for presenting your case to the court of appeals.  You should seek an experienced appellate attorney immediately if you desire to file an appeal or if you need assistance in deciding if your case should be appealed.

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