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The Alabama Juvenile Court Lawyers at Bradford Ladner LLP Handle All Manner of Juvenile Cases Statewide

The attorneys at Bradford Ladner LLP are experienced Alabama Juvenile Court Lawyers.  Each Alabama county has a juvenile court. Alabama juvenile court cases and juvenile court records are confidential and not open to the public. There are no jury trials in juvenile court, and the cases are heard by a judge.

Alabama juvenile courts exercise jurisdiction over children and, in some instances, minors and adults. Cases involving children heard before the juvenile court include allegations that a child is delinquent, dependent, or in need of supervision.

In Alabama, a delinquent child is a child under the age of 18 who has committed an offense which would be considered a crime if they were an adult.

In Alabama, a dependent child is a child who is orphaned, neglected, or abused and in need of care.

In Alabama, a Child in Need of Supervision (CHINS) is one who has committed an act which, if that child were an adult, would not be considered a crime, but which shows that the child is in need of care or rehabilitation.  Examples of children in need of supervision are those who habitually miss school, who are disobedient to parents, or who are runaways.

Our Alabama Juvenile Court Lawyers can assist you in determining whether your child is properly before a juvenile court in Alabama, and whether your child has been properly charged with the correct classification.

Alabama juvenile courts do not handle cases in which the individual is 16 years of age or older in charge with a traffic offense, with the exception of Alabama juvenile court DUI cases.  Additionally, Alabama juvenile courts do not handle cases where the individual is charged with a capital offense, a Class A felony, a felony involving a deadly weapon, a felony involving death or serious physical injury,  a felony involving the use a dangerous instrument against certain officials or persons, drug trafficking charges.  Even if your child has been charged with one of the above classifications of crimes, the Alabama juvenile court lawyers at Bradford Ladner can still assist you. The lawyers and Bradford Ladner are experienced criminal defense lawyers to handle both juvenile and adult criminal cases.

Defendants in Alabama juvenile courts have the same rights of appeal from the court’s decision. However, any appeal from an Alabama juvenile court must be made within 14 days from the date of the judgment of the court.

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