Bradford Ladner Provides Alabama Small Business Services

At Bradford Ladner, LLP. we provide Alabama small business services on a one-to-one basis.  We can assist your Alabama small business from incorporation, to personnel issues, to insurance disputes. We are experienced in helping small business with their unique needs. As small businesspeople ourselves, we understand that your need personal attention and legal assistance on a budget. You need real world strategy, sound down-to-earth advice, and not cookie cutter forms.

As an Alabama small business you will meet with the owners of the firm, the partners, not an associate.  Your work will be performed by the the lawyers that you meet, not handed off to someone else. As an Alabama small business, your time of need may come at any hour of the day or night. When it does, you need immediate assistance, not an appointment next week. The personal attention you will receive at Bradford Ladner, LLP. will make you confident that we are just a phone call away. At Bradford Ladner, LLP., you are a “client” and not just a billable file.

An Alabama small business may face a variety of needs as it grows and reaches its full potential. As you grow you may need personnel policies or personnel handbooks to help guide your employees to be more productive and to work toward the goals of your company. As your small business grows, you may face instances where you are sued. While you may have insurance to cover the claims in the lawsuit, and while your insurance company may provide you legal counsel of their choosing, there is nothing like having attorneys who know you and your business, and who have worked with you in the past. You need to have your own personal attorneys by your side to oversee the litigation and to ensure that your rights are respected not only by the plaintiff but by your insurance company.

William K. Bradford and Amber L. Ladner at Bradford Ladner, LLP. place a special emphasis on helping the Alabama small business, the “mom-and-pop” businesses which are the backbone of our community. We provide our services at a reasonable fee with an upfront and open understanding of what is to be accomplished and the potential cost in time and money to get the job done.  Bradford Ladner provides legal services in the types of civil litigation that small business people face.

If your Alabama small business is in need of legal advice please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to help.

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