Petition For Alabama Expungement Granted

Bradford Ladner LLP is happy to say that we have been successful in obtaining relief for our client under the Alabama Expungement Law.  Our client was charged a number of years ago with a misdemeanor theft charge in a local municipal court.  The client successfully completed a deferred prosecution program through the City Court.  However, the arrest and criminal charge remained on their permanent record.  After being retained by the client, Bradford Ladner LLP filed a Petition for Expungement with the County Circuit Court, obtained all the necessary certified records for the client, and issued the required notices under the expungement statute.  No objection was filed on the Alabama Expungement Petition.  This week, the Judge in the case signed an order expunging the client’s  criminal record.

The Alabama Expungement Law provides for the expungement of a person’s criminal record for most non-violent misdemeanor and felony cases where the charge was dismissed or nol prossed, or where the person is found not guilty.  The law has a number of technical exemptions and numerous technical requirements.  We strongly advise that you retain the services of a qualified and experienced Alabama attorney to assist you in determining whether you are eligible under the Alabama Expungement Law, and if so, to assist you in expunging your criminal record.

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