felonyA Listing of Alabama’s Newly Created New Class D Felony Offenses

Under the new prison reform law, The Alabama Criminal Code now contains fourth class of felony: Class D.   The intention of the Legislature in passing this law was to introduce a lower class of felony offense to fill the gap between Class A Misdemeanors and Class C Felonies both in severity of punishment and seriousness  Of the offense. Under the Alabama Criminal Code following crimes were reclassified as Class D felonies:

  • Theft of Property 3rd degree
  • Theft of Services 3rd degree
  • Theft of Lost Property 3rd degree
  • Receiving Stolen Property 3rd degree
  • Possession of Forged Instrument 3r degree
  • Forgery in the 3rd degree
  • Possession or Fraudulent Use of Credit or Debit Card