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William K. Bradford and Amber L. Ladner

Bradford Ladner, LLP is a Birmingham Alabama Criminal Defense Law Firm

William K. “Chip” Bradford and Amber L. Ladner formed Bradford Ladner, LLP in 2010 with the aim of developing a premier Birmingham Alabama criminal defense law firm.  Bradford and Ladner combine over 30 years of courtroom experience throughout the State of Alabama.  Together they have handled some of the toughest kinds of cases, including murder, rape, computer crimes, and white collar offenses.  They both served on the first Criminal Justice Act Panel in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama.  While serving on the panel for a three year term, they handled numerous serious Federal criminal cases ranging from drug trafficking cases, drug conspiracy case, public corruption, pornography offenses, identity theft, and immigration charges.  Both are accomplished trial attorneys with years of experience in the courtroom and in front of juries.

As a Birmingham Alabama criminal defense law firm, Bradford Ladner, LLP welcomes the opportunity to assist you with your criminal case, whether it is a  misdemeanor or serious felony.  In either case, your liberty is at stake, and you need experienced representation.  The Birmingham Alabama criminal defense law firm of Bradford Ladner can provide you with their years of experience and knowledge of the law, making every effort to obtain a positive result in your case.

If you face criminal charges, get experienced help now.  Do not delay.  

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Bradford Ladner, LLP. is an Alabama based law firm with offices in Clanton and Mobile, practicing Federal Criminal Defense, Alabama State Criminal Defense, Federal Criminal Appeals, State Criminal and Civil Appeals, Divorce and Child Custody Matters, and Alabama Civil Litigation. We practice in all Alabama Courts Statewide and in Federal Court Nationwide
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