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Client Avoids Civil Forfeiture and Gets $ 14,000 Returned

Federal authorities started a federal civil forfeiture of over $14,000 after our client was stopped in a routine traffic stop by police while driving on I-20 in Alabama. Our client’s money was seized despite the fact that no criminal charges were ever filed. The client contacted Bradford Ladner LLP after receiving notice that the DEA was starting a civil forfeiture on the money. We assisted our client in filing the a proper claim on the money. After our communications with the authorities, the government made the decision to stop the civil forfeiture proceeding and return 100% of the money to our client.

On countless occasions all across the country, law enforcement seized money in connection with what they claim to be criminal conduct. Many times the seizure of property or money goes forward even when no criminal charges are brought. Unfortunately, many people believe that you cannot “fight the system” and simply give up on getting their money or property back. DON’T GIVE UP OR GIVE IN. We have successfully fought and won civil forfeiture cases in state and federal courts, winning the return of property and money.

If your property or money has been seized by local, state, or federal law enforcement, you must act quickly to assert your rights. There are strict deadlines and time limits on getting the property and money back. We always advise seeking experienced legal counsel to do this because the procedures and rules to make claims and seek the return of your property are complicated.

Attorneys Bradford and Ladner have the experience required fight civil forfeiture and to successfully win the return of your money or property.

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