not guilty verdictBradford Ladner LLP Gets Not Guilty Verdict On Two Breaking And Entering Vehicle Charges

Amber Ladner and Chip Bradford secured a not guilty verdict for out client this week in a Jefferson County Alabama Circuit Court jury trial.  The client faced two unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle charges stemming from an incident in 2010.  The prosecution relied upon an eyewitness who testified that she saw the client at the scene and took down his car tag number.  Police who responded pulled the car tag number, noted that the client was the legal owner of the vehicle and were convinced that he was their suspect.

Investigation by the firm revealed that the client was one the job out of state on the day of the incident.  Through the firm’s efforts, the client was able to secure records showing that he was not present in Alabama when the cars were broken into.  The not guilty verdict came after Bradford cross-examined the eyewitness, showing that her recollection was seriously flawed, and after a powerful closing argument by Ladner.

The jury stayed out no longer than fifteen minutes before informing the court that they had a verdict.  To the relief of our client and to our satisfaction, the jury returned a not guilty verdict as to both charges.

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