Bradford Ladner Successfully Settles Life Without Parole Alabama Drug Trafficking Case for Three Year Sentence

Our client faced an Alabama drug trafficking case which carried a mandatory sentence of life without parole due to the large amount of drugs. Our efforts in the case included having our own investigator look into the facts behind the case. Our exhaustive efforts in reviewing the facts of the case and the potential outcomes resulted in an extended preliminary hearing. Ultimately, through the efforts of the attorneys at Bradford Ladner this Alabama drug trafficking case was settled for a 20 year split 3 years to serve sentence.

Under the Alabama Statute, where an Alabama drug trafficking case involves 10 Kilos or more of cocaine, the only available sentence is life without parole. In this particular case, the attorneys at Bradford Ladner were successful in reaching a negotiated settlement of the case with the District Attorney to allow our client to avoid a life without sentence.

The attorneys at Bradford Ladner regularly handle Alabama drug trafficking cases. An Alabama drug trafficking case can result in an extremely long jail sentence, and even a sentence of life without parole, depending on the amount of drugs involved. Additionally, an Alabama drug trafficking case can result in thousands of dollars the fines.

If you or a loved one is facing an Alabama drug trafficking case please call Bradford Ladner for a free consultation.

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