BRADFORD LADNER LLP WINS SEARCH WARRANT APPEAL WITH COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS UPHOLDING GRANT OF MOTION TO SUPPRESS ILLEGALLY SEIZED EVIDENCE Bradford Ladner wins search warrant appeal in the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals. We successfully defended the trial court’s decision to grant a motion to suppress evidence that was illegally seized when a search […]


Court of Criminal Appeals holds drug dog sniff violates 4th Amendment Recent Court of Criminal Appeals decision reversed Bradford Ladner’s client’s life sentence for drug trafficking, holding the trial court made the wrong ruling when it denied a motion to suppress evidence from a search warrant.  Officers of the Mobile Police Department used a drug […]


Bradford Ladner Client NOT GUILTY Of Sex Abuse Charge After a hard fought and contentious trial, Bradford Ladner attorneys Amber Ladner and William Bradford won a not guilty verdict on a Sex Abuse charge in the Jefferson County Circuit Court in Birmingham, Alabama. In this case our client was charged with a two count sex […]


Federal Drug Charge in Mobile Alabama Federal District Court Dismissed William K. “Chip” Bradford participated in a Federal drug charge appeal that led to the dismissal of all charges.  The client’s trial counsel had successfully argued a motion to suppress the evidence found when an Alabama State Trooper searched the client’s car after a routine […]

Bradford Ladner LLP Wins Reversal In Civil Appeal Over Divorce Agreement

Circuit Court Reversed in Civil Appeal Concerning Annuity Benefits After Divorce William K. “Chip” Bradford was successful in civil appeal that reversed the circuit court’s judgment awarding insurance annuity benefits to the son of the deceased instead of the ex-spouse who was still listed as beneficiary.  In this civil appeal case, the former wife died two […]

Successful Appeal of Divorce Modification Case

Ruling Declared Void for Lack of Jurisdiction In Divorce Modification Appeal William K. “Chip” Bradford obtained a favorable resolution in a divorce modification appeal, where the appeals court voided a Circuit Court’s decree modifying a prior divorce decree regarding child support.  In this appeal, the parties had originally divorced in Hawaii while they were both stationed there […]

Not Guilty In Altered Firearm Case

Client Found Not Guilty On Firearm Charge Amber Ladner and William “Chip” Bradford obtained a not guilty verdict last week on an altered firearm case in Jefferson County Circuit Court.   Our client had been charged with being in possession of an altered firearm. The State alleged that the firearm involved in the case was […]

Just Getting Your Gun Not Menacing Per Alabama Appeal

Alabama Supreme Court Holds That Arming Yourself Is Not Menacing in Alabama Appeal The Alabama Supreme Court has released an Alabama appeal decision holding, as a matter of first impression, that arming oneself with a gun, without more, is not sufficient to constitute the crime of menacing as defined in the Alabama Criminal Code.  Under […]

Controlled Substance DUI Settled for Deferred Prosecution

Bradford Ladner LLP Obtains Deferred Prosecution on Controlled Substance DUI Charge Our client was charges in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama with a Controlled Substance DUI charge.  Due to the diligent work of Bradford Ladner LLP attorneys, the prosecution agreed to allow our client to attend a deferred prosecution program which will ultimately result in the DUI […]

CBS 42 News Covers Discovery Petition Regarding Alabama Girl Scout Camps Closing

Local News Affiliate CBS 42 News Produces Three Part Series On Alabama Girl Scout Camps Closing As we have written about in a prior post, Bradford Ladner LLP represents the Petitioner who filed a Discovery Petition against the Girl Scouts of North Central Alabama (GSNCA) regarding Alabama girl scout camps closing.  The Petition seeks documents […]


Bradford Ladner LLP Successfully Defends Client Accused of Sexual Harassment Claim William K. “Chip” Bradford has recently defended a client against a serious sexual harassment  claim.  The case was filed against the client and his employer in the United States District Court for the Norther District of Alabama.  Claims in the case included unwanted contact […]

Bradford Ladner LLP Represents Petitioner In Girl Scout Discovery Petition

Girl Scout Discovery Petition News Part I Bradford Ladner LLP represents the Petitioner filing a Girl Scout Discovery Petition seeking non-profit corporate documents from the Girl Scouts of North Central Alabama (GSNCA). The Girl Scout Discovery Petition was initially filed in October of 2012 requesting the GSNCA provide access to financial and corporate records of […]

Alabama Robbery Charge Dismissed

Attorneys at Bradford Ladner, LLP Obtain Dismissal of 2nd Degree Alabama Robbery Charge A second degree Alabama Robbery Charge was dismissed due to the diligent effort of Alabama attorneys Amber L. Ladner and William K. Bradford of Bradford Ladner, LLP.  Our client was charged with robbery 2nd degree, a serious felony in Alabama.  The robbery […]


Amber Ladner Obtains Probation for Client on Alabama Methamphetamine Charge Client charges with Alabama methamphetamine charge for methamphetamine manufacturing.  Because of the particular circumstances of the case, the client was facing a potential sentence of 10 years to life in prison.  While this particular case involved the alleged manufacture of methamphetamine, an Alabama drug manufacturing […]


Client’s Burglary Conviction Reversed on Appeal by the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals Amber Ladner of Bradford Ladner LLP. succeeded in getting our client’s 3rd degree burglary conviction reversed on appeal at the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals.  The client was charged with burglary in connection with an vacant house.  The house had been purchased […]


BRADFORD LADNER GETS NOT GUILTY VERDICT ON ALABAMA MARIJUANA POSSESSION CHARGE Client was charged with Alabama marijuana possession charge 1st degree felony possession.  Client accused of throwing baggie of marijuana to the ground after being chased by police and arrested.  In a two day jury trial handled by Bradford Ladner Criminal Defense Attorney Amber Ladner, […]


Bradford Ladner Successfully Settles Life Without Parole Alabama Drug Trafficking Case for Three Year Sentence Our client faced an Alabama drug trafficking case which carried a mandatory sentence of life without parole due to the large amount of drugs. Our efforts in the case included having our own investigator look into the facts behind the […]

Alabama Burglary Charge Dismissed

Alabama Burglary Charges Dismissed – Burglary 2nd Degree – Jefferson County Circuit Cour Our client was accused of burglarizing a residential garage.  Based upon information provided by our client and tireless pretrial research on the facts and the eye witness who claimed that our client committed the burglary, we were able to seriously undermine the […]

Bradford Ladner Obtains Positive Outcome on Serious Sex Offense Case

Rape 1st Degree, Rape 2nd Degree, Sexual Abuse 1st Degree, Sexual Abuse 2nd Degree Jefferson County Criminal Circuit Court Client faced a potential sentence of not less than ten years and up to 99 years or life on serious sex offense charges involving complex DNA evidence and an underage victim.  Bradford Ladner attorneys all possible […]

Drug Possession Dismissed Based on Mistaken Identity

Felony Possession of Drugs Shelby County District Court Our client was charges with drug possession that resulted from a traffic stop in Shelby County.  We were able to show the District Attorney that it was a case of mistaken identity.  A relative of our client had supplied the police with our clients name and vital […]