Controlled Substance DUI Settled for Deferred Prosecution

Bradford Ladner LLP Obtains Deferred Prosecution on Controlled Substance DUI Charge

Our client was charges in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama with a Controlled Substance DUI charge.  Due to the diligent work of Bradford Ladner LLP attorneys, the prosecution agreed to allow our client to attend a deferred prosecution program which will ultimately result in the DUI charge being dismissed.

Alabama law provides that a driver may be charged with driving under the influence of a controlled substance (controlled substance DUI).  The law applies to legally obtained prescription, over the counter medications, or to illegal drugs.  An emerging factor in these cases is the use of what is called “Drug Recognition Expert” testimony (DRE).  Local law enforcement officers who have attended special classes are now holding themselves out as being particularly qualified to detect driver impairment due to controlled substance use.  The “DRE” testimony is controversial and has not been uniformly accepted by all jurisdictions.

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