CBS 42 News Covers Discovery Petition Regarding Alabama Girl Scout Camps Closing

Local News Affiliate CBS 42 News Produces Three Part Series On Alabama Girl Scout Camps Closing

As we have written about in a prior post, Bradford Ladner LLP represents the Petitioner who filed a Discovery Petition against the Girl Scouts of North Central Alabama (GSNCA) regarding Alabama girl scout camps closing.  The Petition seeks documents and corporate records of the organization related to the Board of Director’s decision to close some or all of GSNCA Girl Scout Camps.  Weld for Birmingham, a local Birmingham, Alabama news magazine has covered the situation in depth.  So too has the local CBS affiliate, 42 News.  We are providing a link below to the three part series by Sonya DiCarlo about the discovery petition and the decision to close the majority, if not eventually all, of the Girl Scout Camps in North Alabama.

For additional coverage see our prior post regarding Weld for Birmingham Articles

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