BRADFORD LADNER LLP WINS SEARCH WARRANT APPEAL WITH COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS UPHOLDING GRANT OF MOTION TO SUPPRESS ILLEGALLY SEIZED EVIDENCE Bradford Ladner wins search warrant appeal in the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals. We successfully defended the trial court’s decision to grant a motion to suppress evidence that was illegally seized when a search […]


Court of Criminal Appeals holds drug dog sniff violates 4th Amendment Recent Court of Criminal Appeals decision reversed Bradford Ladner’s client’s life sentence for drug trafficking, holding the trial court made the wrong ruling when it denied a motion to suppress evidence from a search warrant.  Officers of the Mobile Police Department used a drug […]


Supreme Court Hears Argument on Appeal Waivers in Federal Criminal Cases The United States Supreme Court heard oral argument last week in a case concerning appeal waivers in Federal criminal cases.  The appeal involves a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel based on an attorney failing to file an appeal when requested to do so […]


Federal Drug Charge in Mobile Alabama Federal District Court Dismissed William K. “Chip” Bradford participated in a Federal drug charge appeal that led to the dismissal of all charges.  The client’s trial counsel had successfully argued a motion to suppress the evidence found when an Alabama State Trooper searched the client’s car after a routine […]

Bradford Ladner LLP Wins Reversal In Civil Appeal Over Divorce Agreement

Circuit Court Reversed in Civil Appeal Concerning Annuity Benefits After Divorce William K. “Chip” Bradford was successful in civil appeal that reversed the circuit court’s judgment awarding insurance annuity benefits to the son of the deceased instead of the ex-spouse who was still listed as beneficiary.  In this civil appeal case, the former wife died two […]

Successful Appeal of Divorce Modification Case

Ruling Declared Void for Lack of Jurisdiction In Divorce Modification Appeal William K. “Chip” Bradford obtained a favorable resolution in a divorce modification appeal, where the appeals court voided a Circuit Court’s decree modifying a prior divorce decree regarding child support.  In this appeal, the parties had originally divorced in Hawaii while they were both stationed there […]

Email Evidence Admissibility

Alabama Court of Civil Appeals Joins Court of Criminal Appeals On Authentification of Email Evidence As posted earlier this year on our Appellate Law Webpage, the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals issued an opinion addressing the admission of email evidence at trial.  This  week the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals adopted the holding of the […]

New Decision Addresses Authentication of Email Evidence

Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals Decision Sets Out Requirements For Authenticating E-mail Evidence In a decision announced November 21, 2014 by the Alabama Court Of Criminal Appeals, the appellate court set out for the first time the evidentiary requirements for the admission of email evidence in an Alabama criminal trial. In Culp v. State ____ […]

Jurisdiction On Military Base – New Supreme Court Ruling

A New Supreme Court Ruling Clarifies Jurisdiction On Military Base In Relation To 18 U.S.C. §1382 The United States Supreme Court issued an opinion in February regarding jurisdiction on military base issues in relation to a federal criminal statute making it a crime to reenter a military base once you have been ordered to stay […]

Death Penalty Judicial Override Criticized

U. S. Supreme Court Dissent Critical Of Alabama Death Penalty Judicial Override In a November 18, 2013 dissent to the denial of certiorari, Justice Sonia Sotomayor was highly critical of Alabama’s death penalty judicial override.  In the case of  Mario Dion Woodward v. Alabama, the United States Supreme Court declined to review a death penalty […]

Just Getting Your Gun Not Menacing Per Alabama Appeal

Alabama Supreme Court Holds That Arming Yourself Is Not Menacing in Alabama Appeal The Alabama Supreme Court has released an Alabama appeal decision holding, as a matter of first impression, that arming oneself with a gun, without more, is not sufficient to constitute the crime of menacing as defined in the Alabama Criminal Code.  Under […]


Supreme Court to Decide Whether Warrant Required to Obtain Blood Test in DUI Case The U. S. Supreme Court announced today that it will hear an appeal of a Missouri DUI case concerning whether police officers must get a warrant before ordering a blood test on a drunk driving suspect.  Various State and Federal Appellate […]