Can I Go To Drug Court? – Alabama Drug Courts

Alabama Drug Courts Are A Viable Option When Facing A Drug Possession Charge What are Drug Courts? Drug Courts are an alternative to the traditional criminal prosecution in a criminal court. Drug Court involves intensive treatment and drug education as an alternative to jail time, and is used to assist defendants in coping with their […]


The Court Must Consider Certain Factors When Ruling On Alabama Expungement Petition The factors that the court must consider in ruling on your Alabama expungement petition are set out in the Alabama Code as part of the new expungement law.  The factors can be found at Alabama Code § 15-27-5.  The factors are as follows: Nature […]


2014 Alabama Expungement Bill Signed Into Law The Alabama Legislature passed an Alabama Expungement Bill this year and the bill was signed in to law on April 7, 2014.  The law will become effective on July 7, 2014.  We have been reporting in the past on unsuccessful attempts to get legislation passed allowing expungement of criminal […]


The 2014 Legislature Is Considering A Number Of Bills Affecting Alabama Criminal Law Increased Penalties for Gambling Crimes Under this proposed bill a number of gambling crimes, as defined in Alabama criminal law, which presently are considered class a misdemeanors will be amended to make the crimes class C felonies. The specific crimes included in […]

Advisory Opinion On Municipal Court Accountability

Advisory Opinion Holds Municipal Court Judges’ Accountable An advisory opinion regarding municipal court judge accountability was issued March 4, 2014 by the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission.  The advisory opinion addresses three questions regarding the level of accountability placed on municipal court judges in reference to supervision of court personnel and operations, particularly where they involve […]

Supreme Court Hears Federal Firearm Case Appeal

Federal Firearm Case Reversed Based On Incorrect Jury Instruction In Rosemond v. United States, Docket No. 12-895 the United States Supreme Court considered the proof required for a Federal firearm case under 18 U.S.C. § 924, which prohibits using or carrying a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence or drug trafficking […]


ACDLA Holds 2014 Death Penalty Seminar Amber L. Ladner, this years President of the Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association presided over the 2014 ACDLA Death Penalty Seminar in Hoover, Alabama this past weekend.  ACDLA sponsors a yearly Continuing Legal Education Seminar for Alabama criminal defense lawyers focused on the defense of death penalty cases.  This […]


William Bradford Speaks At ACDLA Death Penalty Criminal Defense CLE William K. “Chip” Bradford of Bradford Ladner, LLP. was a featured speaker at a recent criminal defense seminar put on by the Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.  The ACDLA 2014 Death Penalty Seminar featured a number of speakers talking about current issues facing criminal defense […]

Felony Manslaughter Charge Settled for Misdemeanor

Amber Ladner Settles Manslaughter Charge For Misdemeanor Our client faced a potential twenty (20) year sentence on a manslaughter charge for the death of a child based upon alleged failure to seek medical care.  There was serious disagreement with the State regarding whether or not medical care was necessary.  There were other issues in the […]

Ladner Attends Sex Crimes Seminar

Amber Lader Attended The NACDL Sex Crimes Seminar In Savannah Georgia Representing ACDLA Amber Ladner attended the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Sex Crimes Seminar in Savannah Georgia this past week.  Ladner, the current President of the Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, attended in order to participate in a new special committee of NACDL […]


Bradford Ladner LLP Gets Not Guilty Verdict On Two Breaking And Entering Vehicle Charges Amber Ladner and Chip Bradford secured a not guilty verdict for out client this week in a Jefferson County Alabama Circuit Court jury trial.  The client faced two unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle charges stemming from an incident in 2010. […]

Alabama Department of Corrections Recommends Community Corrections

The Alabama Department of Corrections Says Community Corrections Part of Overcrowding Solution In a response to a request from Alabama State Senator Cam Ward, the Alabama Department of Corrections chief, Kim Thomas, gave a report to a Joint Legislative Prison Committee in which he reported that the increased use of Community Corrections Programs is one […]

Alabama Sentencing Guidelines – Presumption of Correctness Coming For Some Offenses

Soon Sentences Under Alabama Sentencing Guidelines To Be Presumed Correct For Non-Violent Cases The Alabama Legislature has instructed the Alabama Sentencing Commission to implement a plan to make the Alabama Sentencing Guidelines presumptively correct in most non-violent cases.  During the 2012 Regular Session, the Alabama Legislature passed a law that directs the Alabama Sentencing Commission […]

Bradford Gives Alabama Criminal Law Update At Bar Meeting

William Bradford Presented the Alabama Criminal Law Update At Alabama State Bar Meeting Point Clear, Alabama – William K. Bradford of Bradford Ladner, LLP. spoke recently at the Alabama State Bar Annual Meeting, presenting the Alabama Criminal Law Update.  The Alabama State Bar meets every year, giving its members an opportunity to learn what is […]

Burglary Charges Dismissed – Case Results

Client’s Burglary Charges Dismissed On Trial Date Our client faced Burglary 3rd Degree charge and Burglary 2nd Degree charge for allegedly breaking and entering several apartments.  In one case, the apartment was occupied and the occupant told police that our client was the person they saw in the apartment.  Our client maintained that he was […]


The U. S. Supreme Court Rules That Warrant Required For Blood Test In DUI Case The United States Supreme Court ruled that, in the normal DUI case, and under normal circumstances, the police must obtain a warrant in order to get a blood test.  In Missouri v. McNeely, the Court held that the mere fact […]

Proposed Alabama Expungement Law

Alabama Expungement Law Proposed in Alabama Legislature An Alabama expungement law was proposed in the Alabama House of Representatives on February 5, 2013.  House Bill 56 was proposed by Representative Chris England of Tuscaloosa.  The bill would provide a way for misdemeanor criminal records to be expunged.  Currently there is little or no way in […]